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Coronavirus. Clinical trials of the vaccine developed between Oxford and Pomezia (Rome) kicks off

Coronavirus. Clinical Trials Of The Vaccine Developed Between Oxford And Pomezia (Rome) Kicks Off
fonte foto: La Stampa
La Stampa

It has been developed by scientists from both Italy and England. Today the University of Oxford starts testing on a sample of a thousand people, all healthy and under the age of 55.

Once phase one is completed, and if the non-toxicity is confirmed, phase two will take place, with older volunteers.
The largest testing in Europe of a Covid-19 vaccine starts in the UK.
There is also a bit of Italy in this vaccine, since Advent-IRBM of Pomezia (Rome) has been one of the European partners of the renowned university during the pre-clinical phase, when the first in vitro and in vivo studies are performed. Those studies can identify which component of the microorganism is able to better stimulate the immune system, as well as assess the expected tolerance in human body.

Article by Alfonso Bianchi published on La Stampa23/04/2020

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