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Coronavirus, Giovanni Rezza (Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanità): “Vaccine? Some are well underway. I am confident that the virus won’t mutate fully”

Coronavirus, Giovanni Rezza (Italian Istituto Superiore Di Sanità): “Vaccine? Some Are Well Underway. I Am Confident That The Virus Won’t Mutate Fully”
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Our weeks are marked by government decrees, every now and then by sensational news about possible cures: we have asked the Head of Infectious Diseases Department to take stock of the situation.
“We could have a safe and effective vaccine within 12-18 months. There are some candidate vaccines in phase 1of clinical trials, and others are about to be tested to assess their safety. […] Regulatory Authorities are more generous during an epidemic, in general. […] The Italian Advent, in collaboration with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University, is developing a vaccine to be tested in clinical trials by this summer. […] RNA virus do mutate: influenza is an example. Coronavirus mutates too, but probably not so much that it can’t be recognized and attacked by those antibodies produced after vaccination”.

Article by Ennio Battista published on ilfattoquotidiano.it03/04/2020

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