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Coronavirus. Mr. Liguori (IRBM, Pomezia, Italy): “We are working to produce a vaccine soon”

Coronavirus. Mr. Liguori (IRBM, Pomezia, Italy): “We Are Working To Produce A Vaccine Soon”
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The Italian Company IRBM, based in Pomezia, (Rome), is working tirelessly to produce a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, in collaboration with the Jenner Institute of the Oxford University.
Press agency DIRE has interviewed Mr. Matteo Liguori, the Managing Director of IRBM, who clarified some points. How the vaccine is being produced and how it works, why Spike protein is so relevant in this process, and how long we are going to wait to get a vaccine. As IRBM Group developed a vaccine for Ebola in 2014, it can really be defined as an Italian excellence in vaccines manufacturing, and a significant reference in this new emergency.

Article by Michela Coluzzi published on Dire.it10/03/2020

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