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Coronavirus, the vaccine tested at Oxford towards trials on 6000 volunteers. If it is effective, it may be ready in September.

Coronavirus, The Vaccine Tested At Oxford Towards Trials On 6000 Volunteers. If It Is Effective, It May Be Ready In September.
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Animal tests are promising and now the results of testing on humans are expected. Scientists of the Jenner Institute team, led by Sarah Gilbert and in collaboration with IRBM of Pomezia (Rome), plan to test their vaccine on a wider sample of people

Bill Gates recently said he was ready to fund the vaccine of Oxford, developed in collaboration with Advent-IRBM of Pomezia (Rome). The co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropist might be right: the partnership between Great Britain and Italy seems not only to work fine, but to be accelerating too. Scientists of the Jenner Institute plan to test their vaccine on “6.000 healthy volunteers within May”, Matteo Liguori, Managing Director of IRBM, confirms. The first doses of the vaccine might be available already in September, to be used on the people most at risk. Animal tests are promising: all 6 rhesus macaques are healthy after vaccination and the later exposure to the coronavirus.

Article published on ilfattoquotidiano.it29/04/2020

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