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Coronavirus vaccine manufactured in Pomezia (Rome) / “It will be tested in the UK”

Coronavirus Vaccine Manufactured In Pomezia (Rome) / “It Will Be Tested In The UK”
fonte foto: Quarto Grado

Coronavirus: the vaccine produced in Pomezia (Rome) will be tested in the UK, despite the hundreds of letters by Italians willing to volunteer for clinical trials”

Coronavirus vaccine research is a real race against time. The last hope comes from the laboratories of Pomezia (Rome). A team of researchers has crossed the finishing line: the TV show Quarto Grado has published the pictures of the first two vials of the vaccine. It will be tested in clinical trials in the UK, even if many letters has arrived from Italians willing to volunteer for clinical trials. Piero Di Lorenzo, President and CEO of IRBM, the molecular biological company of Pomezia, is hopeful: “The vaccine for Ebola came out from this same laboratories five years ago”. Then he explains how the vaccine works: “Our partner (the Jenner Institute of Oxford University) has synthesized the Spike protein gene, then such gene, once made harmless, is inoculated in human body, which recognizes the foreign body and produces antibodies […]. All we have to do then is cross our fingers.”

Article by Dario D’Angelo published on ilsussidiario.net28/03/2020

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