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Covid, testing results of the vaccine born between Pomezia (Rome) and Oxford within September

Covid, Testing Results Of The Vaccine Born Between Pomezia (Rome) And Oxford Within September
fonte foto: Il Dubbio
Il Dubbio

Matteo Liguori, Managing Director or IRBM SpA speaks

We spoke with Matteo Liguori, Managing Director of IRBM. This Italian company, based in Pomezia (Rome), is collaborating with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University through Advent Srl, its cGMP-certified Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, with the aim of manufacturing the coronavirus vaccine.
“The partnership with the Jenner Institute lasts from ten years […]. Their expertise in coronavirus matched with our knowledge on adenovirus.”
Mr. Liguori clarifies that animal testing has not being skipped: it has being carried out in the UK. Even the first clinical trials will be conducted in the UK, with results expected in September. “After that, the most exposed people, as medical staff and law enforcement, will be involved […]. Vaccinating 7 billion people won’t be easy at all, it will depend on several factors […]. We do believe that the vaccine is going to arrive, and Prof. Sarah Gilbert of the Jenner Institute told The Times that this study has 80% chance of reaching those people who need it. We are creating something not existing yet, we are facing a big challenge, but we have to be optimistic”.

Article by Valentina Stella published on Il Dubbio16/04/2020

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