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Covid vaccine, IRBM (Pomezia, Rome): «First doses of AstraZeneca vaccine within December, the clinical trials are about to be completed»

Covid Vaccine, IRBM (Pomezia, Rome): «First Doses Of AstraZeneca Vaccine Within December, The Clinical Trials Are About To Be Completed»
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According to the President of IRBM, Di Lorenzo, «if no sudden problem occurs – it is reasonable to believe that the clinical trial phase may be completed by the end of November or in early December». «Once phase 3 is completed – he continued – the possible validation it’s up to the EMA (European Medicines Agency). This process requires up to 12 months in normal times. But these are not normal times», explains Di Lorenzo, stressing that the validation procedure has already started.

Article published on – 21/10/2020

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