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Di Lorenzo announces: «We will have the vaccine for everyone by June». The IRBM President: «If no adverse event occurs, the trial will be completed by the end of the year»

Di Lorenzo Announces: «We Will Have The Vaccine For Everyone By June». The IRBM President: «If No Adverse Event Occurs, The Trial Will Be Completed By The End Of The Year»
fonte foto: Agenzia Italia

«We can assume that the doses will be available for everyone in June 2021», said Piero Di Lorenzo, President of IRBM. The Italian company based in Pomezia (Rome) is developing the Covid vaccine together with the University of Oxford. «Italy has ordered 70 million doses that will be more than enough to vaccinate all those who want it by May-June: there are 60 million of us and about a quarter do not intend to get vaccinated».

Article published on – 24/10/2020

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