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Interview with Matteo Liguori: «Everything will depend on tests on subjects at risk»

The Italian Partners: «Vaccine Will Be Ready In September. We Will Have The Doses Soon
fonte foto: la Repubblica

la Repubblica

The Italian partners: «Vaccine will be ready in September. We will have the doses soon »

«The Lancet report is the first truly relevant result published on this vaccine candidate», explains Matteo Liguori, Managing Director of IRBM in Pomezia (Rome). The Italian company has produced the first doses for clinical trial, in collaboration with the University of Oxford. «The vaccine is safe and stimulates production of antibodies in 90% of cases». Liguori also points out that the result of tests on subjects at risk will be crucial. «We hope the vaccine will be distributed by December […] The Italian government has signed an agreement with AstraZeneca, together with other countries, for a first tranche of 60 million doses. The doses will be distributed according to algorithms that are part of the agreement itself».

Article published on la Repubblica21/07/2020

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