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Interview with Piero Di Lorenzo “Vaccine, 2 million doses within this year. The vaccine will be safe despite skipping steps”

Interview With Piero Di Lorenzo “Vaccine, 2 Million Doses Within This Year. The Vaccine Will Be Safe Despite Skipping Steps”
photo source: La Stampa

La Stampa

In recent weeks Italian Ministers Speranza and Manfredi visited the science park 20 miles from Rome, where the viral vector of the vaccine has been developed. «In 24 hours the independent committee has established that the adverse reaction does not depend on the vaccine» said the President of IRBM, Piero Di Lorenzo, about the temporary hold of the trials. The results published by The Lancet show «a strong immune response and an important production of lymphocytes, which is exactly what a vaccine has to do. An even better result than expected». Di Lorenzo also talks about the upcoming distribution in Europe and the price of the vaccine.

Article published on La Stampa14/09/2020

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