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Italian turning point: vaccine in September

Italian Turning Point: Vaccine In September
fonte foto: il Resto del Carlino La Nazione Il Giorno
il Resto del Carlino La Nazione Il Giorno

The vaccine manufactured by a company from Pomezia (Rome) could be available in five months. Testing right away. “It will be given to medical staff and law enforcement at first”

The Jenner Institute is collaborating on the project: “There is an 80% chance that the vaccine will work”

The high-speed challenge for the manufacture of the first coronavirus vaccine begins in Pomezia (Rome). Here IRBM SpA (centre of excellence in molecular biology without fear of competition with Big Pharma) is based. Pietro Di Lorenzo, its President and CEO, announces that the Advent laboratories (the vaccine division of IRBM) are going to transfer the first doses of the vaccine in the UK “by the end of April”, for the accelerated clinical trials. Matteo Liguori, Managing Director of IRBM, anticipates optimistically: “If everything goes as expected, we think the vaccine could be available in September, to immunize hospital staff and law enforcement […]. This will happen in the UK first, then even in Italy if our government will consider it appropriate”.

Article by Giovanni Rossi published on il Resto del Carlino – La Nazione – Il Giorno – 14/04/2020

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