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Minister Gaetano Manfredi visiting IRBM «here the excellence»

Minister Gaetano Manfredi Visiting IRBM «here The Excellence»
fonte foto: Latina OGGI

Latina Oggi

Italian Minister of University and Research in the laboratories where the vaccine has been developed: «Italy plays an important role in the fight against Covid»

The Minister of University and Research visited IRBM in Pomezia (Rome) yesterday. The company is collaborating with the University of Oxford in the production and testing of the world’s most advanced vaccine candidate. «The integration of public and private research is essential to the growth and competitiveness of Italy. […] We are working to strengthen the collaboration between the exceptional public research and private initiatives, which represent an asset of our country». Piero di Lorenzo, President of IRBM, talked about the current phase of clinical trials.

Article published on Latina OGGI08/07/2020

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