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The Anglo-Italian challenge “We’ll be ready in September”

The Anglo-Italian Challenge “We’ll Be Ready In September”
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The Anglo-Italian challenge “We’ll be ready in September”

Clinical trials starting from the end of April. “We’ll give it to medical staff after summer”. Galli: five months is a short time

About one hundred companies in the world, including in Italy, are working on a vaccine. According to WHO, some of them are trying to develop it, while others are taking part to its manufacturing, as Advent-IRBM (Pomezia, Rome) is doing, working for a team of Oxford University. Some batches of the vaccine are going to be transferred from Pomezia to Oxford, where clinical trials will start on volunteers soon. Matteo Liguori, Managing Director of IRBM, says: “We expect that the vaccine will be usable already in September, to vaccinate medical staff and law enforcement in the UK”. Experts and authorities are very cautious about timing, given that the vaccine is required to be manufactured in millions of doses too.

Article by Michele Bocci published on la Repubblica14/04/2020

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