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Vaccine, Bill Gates pays “If it works, I’ll pay for it”

Vaccine, Bill Gates Pays “If It Works, I’ll Pay For It”
fonte foto: la Repubblica
la Repubblica

“It’s like a world war, but we are all on the same side”

He had already announced this in early April, host of The Daily Show: “I would spend lots of money to find a coronavirus vaccine”. Bill Gates now clarifies to The Times which study he’s prepared to invest in. He is interested in the project being carried out by the University of Oxford, in partnership with the Italian IRBM of Pomezia (Rome). Although he is in touch with several universities and drug companies, according to Gates the research underway at Oxford “is one of the most important”. Clinical trials conducted by the vaccinologist Sarah Gilbert are already taking place here.

Article by Anna Lombardi published on la Repubblica – 26/04/2020

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